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Obit of the Day: From Carpenter to Colonel to Pasha

Lt.-Colonel Tony Gardiner stared his military career at an early age, 14. Eventually rose to rank of Lt. Colonel (storied military career, worth reading).

It was in Jordan in the 1950s that Lt.-Col. Gardiner’s daughter, Toni, then 19, met King Abdullah of Jordan while on the set of Lawrence of Arabia (he was visiting the extras, she was a secretarial assistant).  They were married in 1961.  Eventually the Lt.-Col.’s grandson Prince Abdullah II became king.

Few other notes:

* Gardiner was called “Pasha,” “Grandpapa,” and “GP” around the palace

* He brought fresh water to 98% of Jordan’s villages while serving the first king.

* He and a friend connected on the internet, “Their reminiscences included one story of a foray into a minefield to rescue what they thought was a box of chocolate biscuits; the biscuits turned out to be hard-tack, but the resourceful pair turned them into chocolate biscuits using an emergency chocolate ration.” Awesome.



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