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Take Five

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Obit of the Day: "Take Five"

He was a violin prodigy. He played with the Boston Symphony Orchestra at nine. He gave up the instrument after watchinng the legendary Heifetz perform, recognizing he could never match the “tonal perfection.” He switched to percussion and at the urging of his teacher focused on jazz. He was featured on two albums as one-thired of the Marian McPartland Trio. He two a two week gig as the drummer for the Dave Brubeck Quartet - he left twelve years later when Brubeck broke up the band. He performed on 120 albums, half of which were with Brubeck. He became a reknowned instructor with the legendary Max Weinberg of the E Street Band as his most celebrated pupil.

So as you hear the drum solo intro to the jazz classic, “Take Five,” remember the man behind the sticks, Joe Morello.