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Obit of the Day: Bobby Rogers, Original Member of The Miracles

When Bobby Rogers was fifteen years old he joined “The Matadors,” a singing group founded by Smokey Robinson*. Four years later in 1959, the soul group signed with Berry Gordy’s Motown Records and changed their name to The Miracles. For the next twelve years Mr. Rogers along with Mr. Robinson, Claudette Rogers Robinson (Mr. Rogers’ cousin and Mr. Robinson’s wife), Pete Moore and Ronnie White would dominate the rock and roll charts with 26 top 40 hits, seven of which made it into the top ten.

Mr. Rogers, who was often called “the tall one with glasses,” was also a writer received credit for co-writing The Miracles’ “Going to a Go-Go” and The Temptations’ “The Way You Do the Things You Do.” 

When Mr. Robinson left The Miracles in 1972 for a solo career (the group was called “Smokey Robinson and The Miracles” in 1965), the group continued to have modest success and would perform in various incarnations until 2011. Mr. Rogers retired from performance in 1993.

In 2012, The Miracles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame^. They were also honored by Rolling Stone magazine as the 32nd best rock group in history in 2011. 

Bobby Rogers, who was too ill to attend his group’s induction into the Hall of Fame, died on March 3, 2013 at the age of 73.

Sources: LA Times, Chicago Sun-Times, and Wikipedia

(“Shop Around,” The Miracles first hit, reaching #2 on the charts, and Smokey Robinson + The Miracles The Ultimate Collection are copyright of Motown Records, 1998.)

* Bobby Rogers and Smokey Robinson were born on the exact same day (February 19, 1940) in the the exact same hospital in Detroit. 

^ This corrected what some felt was a 25-year snub. Smokey Robinson was inducted as a solo artist in 1987 and he and others were disappointed and surprised that The Miracles were not inducted alongside him.



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