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Obit of the Day (Historical): The Last to Die in World War I (1918)

The gentlemen above all have the ignominious honor of being the last soldiers to die for their respective countries in World War I. 

At 9:30 a.m. local time, George Edwin Ellison was shot and killed while on patrol near Mons, Belgium. He was the last British soldier killed in the Great War. He was buried near Mons and his grave faces that of John Parr, the first British soldier killed in WWI.

At 10:45 a.m., Augustin Trébuchon became the last French soldier killed in action during the “War to End All Wars.” He was killed by German machine gun fire at the age of 40. Because the French were embarrassed for having sent troops into battle with the foreknowledge of an imminent armistice Mr. Trebuchon’s death certificate - as well as those of all French soldiers killed on November 11 - was edited to read “November 10, 1918.” Eighty years later the error was corrected.

Also on the morning of November 11, George Lawrence Price walked out of a home near Ville-sur-Haine, against the warnings of its residents, and was killed by a German sniper. It was 10:58 a.m. Mr. Price, the last Canadian soldier killed, is buried in the same cemetery as George Edwin Ellison

Source: Wikipedia.

(Images: George Edwin Ellison, http://desert-column.phpbb3now.com; Augustin Trebuchon, www.amilo.net; wikimedia.org)

Also today: Henry Gunther, the last soldier to die during WWI



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